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Spring has finally arrived. Time to start thinking about your roof!

Roof Tops Roofing Ltd. has a Spring Maintenance Program that is just right for you and your roof.

As part of our Maintenance Program here are some of the services that we include:   

  • Comprehensive roof inspection complete with photos of overall roof condition

  • Report of overall roof condition

  • Non-invasive cut testing and leak detection with thermal imaging*

  • Minor deteriorated caulking replacement

  • Removal of debris and vegetation from roof field and drain areas

  • Minor repairs to existing roof system membranes and flashings

Some benefits of a Spring Maintenance Program include:

  • Identifies overall roof condition

  • Identifies problem areas at an early stage; protecting the Capital Investment

  • Ensures life expectancy and extends usage life, reducing early replacement costs

  • Roof maintenance extends the service life of all roofing systems, from asphalt sloped roofs, built-up roof systems, 2-ply MBM, TPO, EPDM and metal roofs

Contact us today to schedule your Spring Maintenance Check-up!
Packages start at just $395.00 (plus taxes)
You can reach us at 613-692-3217 or by e-mail info@rtroofing.ca

*Additional costs will apply with thermal imaging based on roof area




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